Polyamiade Wire

What it is Nylon Polyamide?


The Nylon is a particular family of synthetic polyamide. With the term of nylon the aliphatic polyamides are indicated in particular, but sometimes the same term is used (improperly) in order to indicate also the class of the poliarammidi (to which the Kevlar and the Nomex belong), that they are instead of aromatic polyamides. Nylons are used above all like fiber weave them and in order to produce little manufactures. From the chemical point of view, and nylons are polyamides are synthesized through a polymerization reaction in stages that give rise to nylon polyamide 6 (PA 6) and nylon polyamide 6.6 (PA 66). As for the nylon (polyamide), the spinning operation is conducted at a temperature of 30-40 ° C above the melting point of the polymer. To prevent spontaneous depolymerization or degradation is important that the mass has a moisture content not exceeding 0.1%. The main characteristics of nylon fiber / polyamide are, first of all is an excellent wear resistance, high elastic recovery, ease of dyeing, good color fastness and, finally, an extreme ease of maintenance.

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Our wire is worked on CNC machines of last generation, ensuring constant diameter and tensioning iin every step during processing. The wire is black (not influenced by UV) as the natural colour but, according to the quantity, we can provide it in the desired colour.
The packaging is convenient coil or coils of 10 kg in cardboard boxes KG 10.




EFFEMME Line is very resistant to mechanical stress and tensile strength, it is flexible and elastic, it can stand at low and high temperatures, long-lived. Its weight, over 7 times more light, develops most of the normal wire and galvanized steels. Once opened, it keeps the working position thanks to the low elongation and it remains unchanged at both high and low temperatures. The average lifespan is about 3 times than the galvanized wire. It does not cause damage to crops and animals and it is not an electrical conductor.




EFFEMME line is monofilament wire indicated in many areas: containment sentence of plant growth, support the branches in the rows of vines, orchards, industrial, electrical conduction in the construction of probes and many others.


                       EFFEMME MONOFIL POLYAMIDE

Diameters Coil Length Box Coil Coil DIN
Ø mm. MT/KG kg 10 kg 10
1,8 370 4400 3700
2,0 294 3500 2900
2,3 233 2800 2300
2,5 185 2200 1850
2,8 152 1850 1500
3,0 127 1550 -
3,4 100 1200 -
4,0 72 870 -
4,4 59 700 -
5,0 47 500 -




Diamete   Coil Lenght Box Coil Coil DIN
Ø mm. MT/KG KG 10 10 KG
1,8 275 3300 2750
2,2 180 2130 1800
2,6 130 1520 1300
3,0 100 1200


Here there is an example on 'packing Coils with DIN 350.
The monofilament is wound on spools EFFEMME DIN high quality

Characteristics of 'Packing:
Very high resistance to weathering.
100% recyclable / Resistant to high loads / Removable requires little space / It does not damage the wire