The craftsmen of winemakers using the spacer springs in vineyards.


Federico Ferrero's Vineyards.

Dall’Azienda Vinicola di Federico Ferrero.

Loc. Bongiovanni 8- 12056 MANGO (CN) ITALY

Contact: TEL.  0141-89363 Cellulare: 339-5315012

Vineyards: 30 hectars

"Hello I am Federico Ferrero and I am the owner of my winery located in Mango (CN).

My company is composed of about thirty hectares of Moscato, Dolcetto and Barbera. In addition to the wine, my company also deals with nuts.

I have been using for a couple of years the spacer springs on my concrete posts and I must say that I am really satisfied!

Between May and June when the vegetation quickly growns, I have to pick up the vegetations quickly, but thanks to the elastic spavers, I DO NOT BREIK the Vine Shoots! That's amazing! My springs have a self securing system, they fit tightly to the posts. the double wires remain tensioned, and we do not create the

"DUNE EFFECT" of the rows.

Accessories for Vineyards  although it does not provide to the private sector, saw tmy vineyards and I was very hppy to share with them my experience in the filed!

I helped them to create new models after the benefits in my vineyard.

I'm always open to those who, like me, want to know more about these accessories and would like to have my opinion of user!


                                                                                                                                             Federico Ferrero- Wine Producer

Step number one: Mounting operation together with Marino Caffa, Vineyard Specialist on behal of Accessories for Vineyards. Mr. Marino Caffa (Technical Consult ) is explaining to Mr. Ferrero a specific Sapcer For Concrete Posts. Spring Spacer has been manufatured following Marino's directions, i.e.: Self Securing System on the base of the Springs plus a last Long Fastened Hook in ordr to close the springs behind the Post. In fact, as Marino noticed in the vineyards, this system allows to avoid the "Dune Effect" of the Vineayrds which is always a problem during the Cutting operations of the Vine-Shoots.


Step number two: Considerations




The spacer matches tightly to the posts with a wire opening from Loop to Loop of 35 cm.

Almost all vine shotts will grown inside the double wieres, speeding up my job in the vineyard and saving time and money!

Step number tree:

In this picture you can see the satisfaction of Mr. Ferrero for the spacers on his concrete post.

Accessories for Vineyards  helps the winegrowers in the field throught the same winegrowers so that the new users can share their doubts with other winegrowers who are currently using spacers and vineyards accessories.