Benefits and ROI

Instead of the traditional fixed wiring system, the springs, having replaced the rigid cross arms, can be left open during the growth period and by a simple closure of the springs at the right time, tucking is achieved automatically. Using a combination of different size springs, the shape of the canopy can also be customized.

The springs can be closed/open at any time at any location, hence further optimizing access, aeration, sunburn protection for specific parts of the canopy. The springs also provide for easy installation and removal of bird netting as an added benefit and increased yields.


  • No cross arms needed
  • Modest up front investment
  • 1 Year break-even
  • Significant ongoing annual savings


  • Better aeration
  • Disease and pest control
  • Optimized chemical applications

                               COST SAVINGS

  • Greatly reduced labor for tucking
  • Less vine breakage during tucking
  • Customized sunburn protection
  • Less fruit loss
  • Reduced cost to remove damaged fruit
  • More efficient bird netting / yield protection
  • Faster and more efficient pruning