The new generation of Spring Spreader in Stainless Steel Aisi 302 to manage the canopy automatically!



Thanks to the collaboration with our partner and friend Mr. Gerhard Steiner is born the new trademark "Steiner System - Stay Flexible", the sole spring spreader able to give the classic spring spreader benefits joined to the flexible mobile wires moviment up anddown, suitable for the news equipments such as pre-pruners machineries.


Here you have a list of the main benefits from the inventor Mr. Steiner:


During spring time, when shoots are 50 cm long, we close the first spring thanks to my special hooks.

Later the canopy is perfectly aligned allowing the vegetation to be inserted in the second spring. This operation is pretty fast, calculated in 5 hours par hectare par worker.

Once the second spring is closed, the next step is to follow the "vegetation growing" clicking out the wires from the special hooks and moving them towards the top of the structure.


The winegrower can easily decide where positioning the wires according to his preference. Usually the second wires are positioned at the top of the trellising system in order to make easier the cutting operations of the vine-shoots. This way of keep the vegetation helps a lot the winegrower to get a straight and vertical structure, thing pretty useful in summer when for the cutting-machinery passages.


In Germany, most wine produced is Riesling type. The shoots generally grow vertically by itself but the plants make a lot of clamps over the season. In our country (but also in Rest of Europe), these rootstocks make a lot of clamps due to this type of varieties. These Clamps are a serious problem for the next winter operation such as pruning.


If we move the wires up, we can break the “clamps strength” helping the canopy to make them only at the top. This is pretty convenient for the winegrowers because when they use the cutting machine they can easily remove them automatically.


By the use of my system, I can eliminate part of this problem moving up the clamps productions. During the pruning season, we can move the couples of wires towards down (below the main wire) in order to get a “Comfort Zone” free of shoots.

It picks up the vegetation quickly and well as a standard Springs Spreader!

It adds the chance to click out the wire from its special hooks allowing a faster pruning season!

The new generation of Spring Spreader for the latest automated machineries. The new technology at the service of the  Winegrowers!

The sole accessorie operative the whole year!

The Spring Spreader Model Iwt-Steiner is the sole complete tool to manage an automate vineyard!

More over, this Spring Spreader is the unique to give a double service to the winegrower:



Machinery Ero Cane Pruner


New Models of Machineries are used to move up and down the containing wires. The machinery works at the top removing the old vine-shoots of the season before. The whole process has more benefits if Springs Spreaders Model Iwt-Steiner has been set up on the Vineyards Poles.

For this reason, IWT-Steiner Spring is called "The Spring Of New Generation" thanks to its special hooks.

The containing wires can be easily moved at the top going out from its special hooks. 

The sole spring useful the whole season, not only in spring as a normal containing tool but also in winter for the pruning operations!